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Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

—Nelson Mandela


Your success as an individual, equates to our success as a company. This partnership is bedrock beneath our feet—the foundation that enables us to transform and enrich the lives of the residents in our care

Greenfield Senior Living believes in giving someone an opportunity to become something they did not think was possible.  As a result, we developed a 5-Star Career Progression training Program.  This program is centered around the employee.  The 5-Star Career Progression Training Program will allow you to choose a pathway for a career in Senior Living. 


Use your wild imagination, you could be an Executive Director,  Dementia Care Specialist, and Department Head.  A leader in your community.  The 5-Star Career Progression Training Program encompasses the basics that everyone must know up to how to be a leader in the community.


The 5-Star Career Progression Training Program is available to every Greenfield Senior Living employee, the choice is yours.  Choose your career plan and watch it take off!

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